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Sweets - Fruit Flavours

A Large Wooden Box of Romance.
A Large Wooden Box of Romance. - £31.78
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
A Large Wooden Box of Romance - How do you show your beloved that you really, really love them - that they make your knees wobble - and your heart skip a beat - that you would give them your very last Rolo - . that you think they are quite simply delicious???These original and totally fabulous hand-made wooden boxes have caused a storm here at A Quarter Of - . they are our most sought-after products - so we thought we`d put together some love-themed assortments so that you can proclaim your undying love in a really fab way.This version weighs a WHOPPING 3.4 kg (that`s 7.9 lb!) and it measures 28cm x 18cm x 18cm (11in x 7.1in x 7.1in). It contains a whole range of romantic sweeties that will twang the strings of any heart: Love Hearts Dip, 2 Jelly Cherry Lips, 250gHeart Throbs, 250gAssorted Fruit Bonbons, 250gFriendship Rings, 250gJelly Love Hearts, 250gLittle Strawberry Hearts, 250gABC Alphabet Letters, 250g (for writing `I love you messages` for your sweetheart!)Squidgy Foam Strawberries, 250gCandy Necklaces, 10Dolly Mixtures, 250gFoiled Ice Cups, 250gCandy Love Hearts Lipsticks, 4Mini Parma Violets, 4Mini Love Hearts, 4Giant Strawberry Refreshers, 2GAZILLIONS of yummy sweets that will melt the heart of your loved one!

A Small Wooden Box of Romance
A Small Wooden Box of Romance - £17.97
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
A Small Wooden Box of Romance - If Valentine`s Day makes you come over all soppy and gooey, then this is just about the most original gift you could give to your beloved.This handmade wooden box is the smallest in the range, but it is every bit as fabulous! It`s crammed to the brim with love-themed sweets, and will make the lucky recipient feel totally loved and adored (and is guaranteed to give you a multitude of brownie points!)Just to give you an idea, the box (full of sweets) weighs 1.4kg (that`s approximately 3lb) and measures 22cm x 12cm x 12cm (8.7in x 4.7in x 4.7in) - - a fabulous little love-treasure to twang the tautest of heart strings!The box contains all these Valentine goodies: Jelly Cherry Lips, 250gJelly Love Hearts, 250gHeart Throbs, 250gFriendship Rings, 250g4 Mini Love Hearts4 Candy Love Hearts Lipsticks4 Mini Parma Violets2 Giant Strawberry RefreshersLoads of scrumptious goodies!!! (Please note: Very occasionally, we may be out of stock of an item. It`s rare, but if it does happen, rather than hold up your order we will replace the item with a similar, equally romantic item - so you/they won`t ever be disappointed!)

ABC Alphabet Letters
ABC Alphabet Letters - £2.12
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
ABC Alphabet Letters - an assortment of fruit flavoured candy sweets - in the shape of letters of the alphabet (there`s a shock!!)

American Hard Gums
American Hard Gums - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
American Hard Gums - large, chewy, sugar coated fruity gums - guaranteed to stick to your teeth!

Apple and Cinnamon Balls
Apple and Cinnamon Balls - £1.93
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple and Cinnamon Balls - We ran a competition on A Quarter Of to design a new boiled sweet - .and these won by a country mile!!! Tasty and very cinnamonny!!!

Apple and Custard
Apple and Custard - £1.93
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple and Custard - a boiled sweet with a perfect combination of apple and sweet creamy custard flavours.

Apple Ballitas
Apple Ballitas - £1.73
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Ballitas - These ROCK! Very appley pliable round sticks of apple-flavoured jelly.... they are really delicious and it`s just impossible to just have one. There are two parts to each stick: a soft creamy (almost foamy) external layer, which covers a more intense jelly (slightly firmer) centre - we love the texture of them, and the really intense (yet creamy) fruitiness. Really scrumptious!

Apple Bonbons
Apple Bonbons - £2.12
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Bonbons - a chewy variation on the old favourite bonbon theme. These are apple flavoured and very, very popular.

Apple Filled Marshmallows
Apple Filled Marshmallows - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Filled Marshmallows - if you like our marshmallows with a bit of extra goo then these will be right up your street!Each marshmallow is a good old fashioned mouthful... and contains a lovely fruity, appley, sticky tasty centre (think old fashioned doughnuts... you know the ones shaped like balls with jam in the middle... not those rubbish, ring shaped things that seem to have come over from the USA and where there`s no jam to be found for love nor money!)

Apple Pencils
Apple Pencils - £1.44
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Pencils - long (about 24cm or just over 9 inches!), soft, chewy, appley sweets. Just don`t try and sharpen them - !

Apple Pips
Apple Pips - £2.22
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Pips - these pips have a slightly sour kick and taste deliciously appley - this could be down to the fact that they are cooked in a traditional copper pan, as proper sweets should be. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Apple Whips
Apple Whips - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Apple Whips - 3 feet long thick apple whips (or should that be 90cm approx these days?).

Assorted Fruit Bonbons
Assorted Fruit Bonbons - £2.22
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Assorted Fruit Bonbons - now you can taste three different flavours at the same time! The classic bonbon in a selection of flavours - ..and we think they look really pretty too!

Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans Bucket
Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans Bucket - £14.63
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans `Bucket` - a huge great big tub of delicious fruit flavour juicy jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory. The variety of flavours includes several that we don`t sell individually yet - like Peachy Pie, Caribbean Coconut and Vanilla Ice Cream. Not only do they taste fabulous but they are Gelatine Free. Mixed Gourmet Jelly Beans - an assortment of delicious beans - including some flavours we don`t sell individually yet. The total list of flavours (the selection may contain some or all of these) is: StrawberryMajorca TangerineRaspberryGranny Smith ApplePopcornPineapple PunchTutti FruitySouth Seas KiwiPassion FruitSour LemonEnglish blackberryPeachy PieButterscotchPear SundaeBanana SplitCola FizzHawaiian GuavaVanilla Ice CreamCaribbean CoconutWatermelonLiquoriceWild CherryCinnamonIsland Punch

Assorted Mojos
Assorted Mojos - £2.12
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Assorted Mojos - a stunningly delicious assortment of fruity chewy sweets including strawberry, banana, orange and cola flavours. These are a 70s and 80s classic, and they taste every bit as good today!  Long live the Mojo! Please note: The manufacturer has just changed the mix... they used to put spearmint mojos in the assortment... but now they don`t. So we need to update our photo...