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Sweets - Haribo

Fruity Frogs
Fruity Frogs - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Fruity Frogs - Get your nashers around these little juicy fruity frogs! We initially found them to put into our very popular Bush Tucker Trial Jars - aren`t they totally fab?They`re made by our pals at Haribo, and we think they are totally frogtastic! (lame, we know).  Oh, and they contain no artificial colours, which is always a bonus.

Giant Apples
Giant Apples - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Giant Apples - if you like the Haribo Giant Strawberries that we stock, then you`ll love these. Exactly the same idea - a big chewy gummy sweet that sticks to your teeth and the top of your mouth - but this time with a powerful apple taste.

Gummy Starfish
Gummy Starfish - £1.93
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Gummy Starfish - made by Haribo, these are fruity, gummy stars with little smiley faces.We`re not too sure where the `starfish` bit comes in, but if Haribo want to call them that then who are we to question?

Haribo Fried Eggs
Haribo Fried Eggs - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Haribo Fried Eggs - Everyone remembers Fried Eggs!!! They are one of the classic Penny Sweets that featured in every little sweetshop in Great Britain - we remember them fondly as a regular in our little white paper bags.- . But who would have thought that we`d get so excited about little sugary fried eggs - . I mean - . eugh!

Haribo Liquorice Wheels
Haribo Liquorice Wheels - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Haribo Liquorice Wheels - a long lace of delicious coiled liquorice - like Catherine Wheels but without the Spog in the middle.

Haribo Mini Jelly Babies
Haribo Mini Jelly Babies - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Haribo Mini Jelly Babies - Aaaaaah, how diddy are these? Small versions of the original Jelly Babies, only this time they`re made by our pals at Haribo. They do taste rather different from their older siblings though, so watch out - these are really rather tart on the tongue, so if sour is your thing, give them a go - you`ll love them!

Heart Throbs
Heart Throbs - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Heart Throbs - These little lovelies by Haribo are totally delicious - ..little heart-shaped jelly sweets that taste of juicy strawberries (with a yummy creamy foam layer).So, if you want to let someone know that your heart is throbbing for them, this is a splendid way of doing it!Aaaaaah - so romantic!!!!

Juicy Jelly Teddy Bears
Juicy Jelly Teddy Bears - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Juicy Jelly Teddybears - Dinky little Haribo teddy bears made from juicy jelly.... they taste lovely and fruity, and it`s very difficult to have just one at a time.  We like to have at least a small handfull - we just can`t help it.... Very cute, and very tasty!