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Sweets - Swizzels

Candy / Love Hearts Lipsticks
Candy / Love Hearts Lipsticks - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Candy Lipsticks - fruit flavour sweets in a lipstick case - made by Swizzels. Stop Press - Swizzels have changed these to be Love Hearts Lipsticks - just the same as before but with a fancier wrapper!!

Double Lolly Fizz
Double Lolly Fizz - £1.93
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Double Lolly Fizz - A Swizzels Double Lolly with zingy sherbet to dip it in. A total classic that hasn`t changed for years. . . which is why we love it so much!

Foamy Teeth and Toothbrushes
Foamy Teeth and Toothbrushes - £1.93
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Foamy Teeth and Toothbrushes - Things here at A Quarter Of are getting stranger and stranger... I mean, who would want to eat Foam Teeth and Toothbrushes??? Well let me tell you something - these teeth and brushes from our pals at Swizzels Matlow (the people who make Love Hearts) are actually jolly tasty... ... and they`re a great way of reminding you that you must always brush your teeth after eating sweets! You now have no excuse!

Spooky Dips
Spooky Dips - £1.73
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Spooky Dips - if you like Double Dips then have a treat in store.With Spooky Dips, good old Swizzels have crammed in even more tasty treats. So you get 3 frightening flavours in the sherbet dips - strawberry, orange and mixed fruit... plus a tongue colour changing, blackcurrant flavour swizzelstick for dipping. And the swizzelstick turns your tongue black too!Oh and there are scary (in the same way that Carry On Screaming is scary!) characters on the sachets.Oh (am I allowed 2 ohs in 1 description?)... and there are no artificial colours either... so that can`t be bad!

Super Candy Whistles
Super Candy Whistles - £1.83
Price on 28-Oct-09 from A Quarter Of....
Swizzels Super Candy Whistles - remember "toot sweets" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? These are fruit flavoured sweets in plastic whistles.